COVID Heroes: Thank You

Frontline worker appreciation

Supporting our Frontline Workers

Every day, there are thousands of workers across Canada, and the globe, that are at the frontline of society, providing essential goods and services to keep us healthy and safe.

Each essential worker does not have the option to stay indoors or even socially distance themselves when dealing with the public. They put themselves in the path of the virus to ensure there is little disruption to our healthcare, food supply, security, and utilities.  The risk is high, and the challenges are insurmountable, yet all key workers persist as protocols continuously change, and limited information is available. They are brave and resilient as they care for and support the most vulnerable segments of society. 

To our Healthcare Professionals: 

Healthcare professionals

The time and effort you faithfully commit to our communities is truly remarkable. Daily, you are saving lives and maintaining our healthcare system. Even during a pandemic, doctors, nurses, EMTs, pharmacists, technicians and everyone who supports patient care, are staying strong. Despite the difficult decisions, long hours, time away from your loved ones, and strenuous hours ― you work side-by-side to serve humanity with tremendous and unwavering compassion.Thank you.

To our Government Professionals:

Government professionals

Through a time of complex and challenging problems arising from all ends of the country, all members of our municipal, provincial and federal governments have united to protect all Canadians. You are working tirelessly to provide funding and support for portions of the population that are more at risk and creating relief funds for Canadians facing unemployment while helping struggling small businesses survive. 
Thank you. 

To our First Responders: 

First responders

When crisis calls, you are always there to help. Your emergency services respond to all requests for assistance, providing immediate screening and treatment for patients. As the situation evolves in terms of magnitude, spread, and complexity, you are continually adapting and scaling up efforts to match the workload surge. 
Thank you. 

To our Grocery + Pharmacy Workers

Grocery and pharmacy workers

As the lines get longer and the shelves become empty, you dedicate yourselves to ensuring our cupboards, freezers, and refrigerators are full of meals and medicine daily. As you begin implementing social distancing and new disinfectant practices within stores, it helps tremendously to flatten the curve of the spread. From warehouses to supermarkets to pharmacies, each individual involved in the process helps us all have a steady supply of the fundamentals.  Thank you. 

To our Shippers + Transporters:

Shippers and transporters

As supply and demand change dramatically overnight, logistics, shippers, and transporters must scramble to pick up the missing pieces to maintain the flow of freight and trade across our country and the globe. Often, you become the carriers of essential life-saving medical equipment, let alone the constant supply of food and toiletries for retailers. You are always prepared and ready to transport goods, even under the most stressful circumstances. 
Thank you. 

To Families of the Frontline Workers:

Family of frontline workers

Behind the scenes, you provide real strength, and truly sacrifice precious moments and time, as you watch your brave loved ones face this virus firsthand. Your support and encouragement help to make these uncertain times more bearable for your family ― and the entire nation. Your commitment and courage are incredible. 
Thank you.

To our New Heroes: 

There are always new helpers that emerge as the virus sweeps through the nations across the world. Whether it be retired healthcare workers volunteering their time to minimize the surge of care needed in our hospitals, to the companies that are changing their manufacturing lines to produce plastic face shields. We are coming together as a community, both in our country and globally, for the betterment of humanity.
Thank you. 


It is with our great honour and pride that we acknowledge and sincerely thank you for your courage and dedication. You keep us pushing forward, you keep us safe and fed, you keep us healthy, you keep our hope high. There are no words great enough to express our gratitude for every single contribution. 

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